Projects and exhibitions:

Organiser, co curator
15/LOVE, De School, Amsterdam
14 Sep
- 8 Oct 2017

15/LOVE kicks off the new cultural season with grandeur. Eight artists will be displaying sculptural work, on location at De School, within an alternative version of the classic sculpture garden: the outside exhibit has been moved inside and is now situated on a tennis court.

15/LOVE plays with the notion that new meaning is conceived from coincidental circumstances. Differing materials, forms and colours combine on overlapping tennis courts, drawn up in red gravel. As in tennis, an energy field is created that follows certain rules of the game, but in reality is a product of boundless variables.

With Semâ Bekirovic, Tim Breukers, Bram de Jonghe, Markus Karstiess, Ana Navas, Ian de Ruiter, Sjoerd Tim and Kasper de Vos.

15/LOVE is an exhibition concept by Sjoerd Tim and Ian de Ruiter, organised by Hélène Webers.

15/LOVE is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Image: ‘Cerameat lover’ by Kasper de Vos (2016), ‘Satyr Schaaf-Wesen, Hieronymus-Blatt-Wesen and Isenheim-Rochen-Wesen (Fetisch)’ by Markus Karstiess (2013-2015), 'Odoodem' by Ian de Ruiter (2017), 'Untitled' by Tim Breukers (2017),
'Waterdrop' by Ana Navas (2014),

Co founder, director, curator
Dec 2016
- April 2017

In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists. NEVERNEVERLAND organises exhibitions, artist residencies, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad.


Some examples of past exhibitions are 'Workwatugot but Dontloseurhead' by Anna Reutinger (2016), 'DOGHME' by Robertas Narkus (2016), 'A Desire for Things to Work' by Gerda Paliusyte (2016), 'SWEAT' by Doris Boerman (2017), 'PARROT ICE' by Mike Moonen (2017), ‘Transmutants and Emotional Curves’ by Arnar Ásgeirsson (2017).

Image: 'Workwatugot but Dontloseurhead' by Anna Reutinger (2016), 'DOGHME' by Robertas Narkus (2016), 'SWEAT' by Doris Boerman (2017), 'PARROT ICE' by Mike Moonen (2017), ‘Transmutants and Emotional Curves’ by Arnar Ásgeirsson (2017).

Coordinator Studio for Immediate Spaces

Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

Feb 2015 - July 2017

The two-year master program Studio for Immediate Spaces (SIS) proposes an alternative take on the academic field of interior architecture, exceeding the boundaries of its traditional curriculum. The interdisciplinary environment of the SIS is a platform for debate, opening up new terrains and allowing for the development of independent practice. Design methodologies focus on urban investigations and building process, promoting hands on approach and DIY culture as a mean of emancipation, celebrating craftsmanship and the immediacy of space making.


Image: Methodology Week at The Jungle, Calais (2016)

Co curator Marres Currents #2: Rumour Has It

Marres - House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015

‘Marres Currents #2: Rumour Has It’ is the second episode of the annual exhibition series titled Marres Currents. 'Rumour Has It' presents work of a new generation of talented young artists. In an exhibition full of stories, shapes, colours, and movement, the artists reach out to meet an audience that is also searching for new ways to grasp the world.

‘Rumour Has It’ is a proposition for searching and finding, both for the artists and the visitor. Amidst environments brimming with stories, shapes, colours, and performances, both can meet somewhere in the middle.

With R’m Aharoni, Laura van Biervliet, Oliver Blumek, Polien Boons, Jerome Daly, Lydia Debeer, Thorben Eggers, Carolin Eidner, Timo van Grinsven, Hanne Haesevoets, Tom Hallet, Evelien Mattheij, Tessa van der Meeren, Mike Moonen, Griet Moors, Vincent Vreeke, Moritz Wegwerth, Simon Weins and Arnold Wittenberg.


Image: 'Untitled' by Polien Boons (2014), 'Science of Signs, Signs of Science' by Timo van Grinsven, (2014), 'Someplace #1' by Tom Hallet (2014), 'Untitled (Party Delay 2)' by Carolin Eidner (2014).

Participant Curatorial Directions
MAC - Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast
May 2015

What does it mean to be a curator in today’s globalised world; where no matter where you are based you must negotiate a seemingly ever-changing mix of social, political and economic influences that shape the spaces and places around us?

This concentrated week of talks, discussions and excursions will consider these questions in a participatory and collaborative manner, led by the MAC curatorial team and involving a dynamic roster of guest speakers and experts from various areas in the field of curating contemporary art.


Image: 'Dream - Spontaneous Combustion' by Olaf Brzeski (2008)

Co coordinator curator

Nov 2012 - Feb 2015

deSERVICEGARAGE is a cultural platform with exhibitions, events and studios for artists. It aims to provide a substantial contribution to the development of contemporary (inter)national art.


Over the years, deSERVICEGARAGE has organised exhibitions with amongst others Frank Ammerlaan,
 Maurice van Daalen,
 Zoro Feigl,
 Martha Hjorth Jessen,
 Daniel Hofstede,
 Judith Leysner,
 Charlott Markus,
 Sachi Miyachi, 
Linda Nieuwstad,
 Oscar Peters, 
Thijs Rhijnsburger,
 Benjamin Roth,
 Ian de Ruiter,
 Michiel Schuurman,
 Fraser Stewart,
 Sjoerd Tim, 
Arik Visser, Alex Winters, Anami Schrijvers, Maurice Bogaert, Avi Krispin, Sarah Vanagt, Feiko Beckers and Johann Arens.


Image: 'The arranging of books by color' by Feiko Beckers (2012), 'A Distant Bird Singing' by Avi Krispin and Sarah Vanagt (2013), 'IEDEREEN' with Ian de Ruiter, Zoro Feigl, Thijs Rhijnsburger and Charlott Markus (2013), 'SHUTTER SPEED' by Steven Bos, Susan Lanting and Sohrab Baya (2013)

Film/Video Jury
EMAF - European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
April 2012

Each year EMAF presents a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements from the pulsating area of Media Art.







Image: 'Death Mask III' by Ed Atkins (2011)

Curatorial Assistant
SMART Project Space, Amsterdam
July 2008 - Nov 2012

SMART Project Space was an alternative nonprofit platform for visual art and contemporary culture. SPS commissioned, produced, and presented a variety of exhibitions, films, performance events, drawing together a wide range of approaches from emerging international artists.

Since its founding in 1994, SMART has organized and produced over 70 exhibitions featuring national and international artists. Some examples of past exhibitions are: Hohere wesen befahlen: anders malen! (2001), Endure (2002), Hit & Run: Interventions in the City of Istanbul (2004), ADAM 30: international art projects through the city of Amsterdam (2005), Gavin Wades project Kiosk 7 (2008), Coalesce: Happenstance (2009), Modernity and Aesthetics of the New Black Atlantic (2010), Smooth Structures (2010), Hadley+Maxwell (2010), Chto Delat?: what is to be done between tragedy and farce (2011).

Image: 'Swallowing Black Maria' by Lindsay Seers (2007)

Curatorial Assistant

CASZuidas, Amsterdam
June 2008 - Dec 2012


CASZuidas - Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas - is an urban screen located on Zuidplein in Zuidas, Amsterdam. CASZ presents moving images in public space 18 hours a day, 365 days a year.








Image: CASZuidas, Zuidplein Amsterdam


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Image: 'There Will Be No Miracles Here' (detail), Nathan Coley