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Co-founder and Director
- current

NEVERNEVERLAND is a new initiative for the arts. In a drastically changing artistic landscape, NEVERNEVERLAND feels the urge to facilitate a broad range of artistic practices by upcoming artists.

NEVERNEVERLAND will organise exhibitions, artist residencies, events, lectures and screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam and abroad.

NEVERNEVERLAND is initiated and directed by Judith Leysner, Hélène Webers and Anja Masling.

Image: logo NEVERNEVERLAND by Benedikt Woeppel

Participant Autocenter Summer School
Autocenter & Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund

One-week course designed for critics, curators, exhibition designers, theoricians as well as artists. It is specifically designed to encourage observation of architecture and space and how this both influences and inhibits the staging of artworks. The course will focus on the reality of making exhibitions in a space, and the importance of scenography. The rise of "narrative spaces" and the current fusion stages that were once kept architecturally separate: museums, theatres, musical performances, among others play a strong role in this discourse. The course will be led by the architect and curator Thibaut de Ruyter.

Co Curator Marres Currents #2: Rumour Has It
Marres - House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht

Together with Mels Evers, I curated the exhibition 'Rumour Has It'. This second episode of Marres Currents presents a selection of contemporary art practice, featuring the work of young, talented artists. The exhibition is a proposition for searching and finding, both for the artists and the visitor. Amidst environments brimming with stories, shapes, colours, and performances, both can meet somewhere in the middle.

Image: 'Untitled (Part Delay 2)' by Carolin Eidner

Jury Gilbert de Bontridder Prijs
Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht

The Gilbert Bontridder Prize is awarded annually to a student Fine Art of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Maastricht. The award consists of a fee made available by the Stichting Art Promotion and a work from the legacy of Gilbert Bontridder. The prize is awarded to Sara Bachour.








Image: 'Fables' by Sara Bachour

Written contribution 'Wunderkammer'
Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg

Inspired by the rich and diverse collection of Museum Katharinenhof, 'Wunderkammer' evolves around the idea of the cabinets of curiosities. The concept of the exhibition is translated by a group of artists and designers mostly based in Germany and The Netherlands. My text about the changing meaning of an object by means of the artist was printed in the exhibition catalogue.


 Image: 'Untitled' by Hélène Webers

Assistant Art Editor
Versal, Amsterdam

Versal is an internationally acclaimed art and literary annual published in Amsterdam, bringing together the world's urgent, involved and unexpected. As Versal's Art Team we invited artists and selected submission for the art section of the journal.




Image: 'I am happy' by Antoinette Nausikaä

Curatorial Assistant
SMART Project Space, Amsterdam

SMART Project Space was a nonprofit platform for visual art and contemporary culture. SPS commissioned, produced, and presented a variety of exhibitions, films, performance events, drawing together a wide range of approaches from emerging international artists including Nathaniel Mellors, Chto Delat?, Pierre Bismuth, Aernout Mik, Giorgio Andreotta Calò and Gabriel Lester. I was involved with the organisation, production and communication of the exhibitions.

Image: '08.09.2012 – 21.10.2012' by Giorgio Andreotta Calo

Coordinator Studio for Immediate Spaces

Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam


I have been appointed as coordinator for the master's programme 'Studio for Immediate Spaces' at the Sandberg Instituut (postgraduate department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie) in Amsterdam. The two-year programme belongs to the master Interior Architecture. 'Studio for Immediate Spaces' is set up for understanding and exploring the immediate spaces around us; all the spaces we see whenever we look around us.

Image: graduation exhibition ‘It’s Only An Hour’s Drive Away If Your Car Could Go Straigt Upwards’

Curator A Place Beyond Desire
Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

A - Shoe Shop, Parking Lot, Spy Cabin, Corridor, Real Fake Landscape, Food Truck, Daydream, Music Score, Pavilion with a Green Curtain, and more. A Place Beyond Desire brings together twenty individual sceneries in order to present recent work of the participants of Studio for Immediate Spaces.

Rather than limiting themselves to a specific location, the participants explore through their practice the physical and imaginary boundaries of situations in our direct surroundings.

Co Curator


deSERVICEGARAGE is a cultural platform with exhibitions, events and studios for artists. It aims to provide a substantial contribution to the development of contemporary (inter)national art.

As a curator and coordinator I am involved with the exhibition program and responsible for the communication.

Image: 'The arranging of books by color' by Feiko Beckers

Participant Curatorial Directions
MAC - Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast

What does it mean to be a curator in today’s globalised world; where no matter where you are based you must negotiate a seemingly ever-changing mix of social, political and economic influences that shape the spaces and places around us?

This concentrated week of talks, discussions and excursions will consider these questions in a participatory and collaborative manner, led by the MAC curatorial team and involving a dynamic roster of guest speakers and experts from various areas in the field of curating contemporary art.

Image: 'Dream - Spontaneous Combustion' by Olaf Brzeski

Guest Viewer Panorama Program

Impakt Festival, Utrecht



The annual Panorama Program aims to present a fresh and cutting edge media art overview, as a part of the Impakt Festival as a whole. It contains a selection of the best new video works from over the world. I was invited to view and discuss a selection of the submitted video and film entries for the Panorama Program section.



Image: 'Uncertainty Seminars' by Andrew Norman Wilson

Film/Video Jury
EMAF - European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück

Each year EMAF presents a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements from the pulsating area of Media Art. I was invited to be a part of the Film/Video Jury to select submissions for the short film program section of the festival.


Image: 'Death Mask III' by Ed Atkins

Curatorial Assistant
CASZuidas, Amsterdam


CASZuidas - Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas - was an urban screen located on Zuidplein in Zuidas, Amsterdam. CASZ presented moving images in public space 18 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a curatorial assistant I was involved with the selection and implementation of the video programme.



Image: CASZuidas, Amsterdam


Tubelight#99 - Het particuliere initiatief: Interessante speler of Rechtse Hobby? ()

Marres Currents #2: Rumour Has It, Marres - House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (11.12.2014-13.2.2015)

Metropolis M - Misleidende geruchten (exhibition review)

H ART #136 - Huizenhoog ontdekkingsgehalte (exhibition review)
Kunstbeeld - Beeldverslag (exhibition review)
Tubelight - Een speurtocht naar kunst (exhibition review)
Mister Motley - Rumour Has It (exhibition review)
De Limburger - Stilstaan bij een draaiende spijker (exhibition review)

Vandejong Creative Agency - Bright New World (interview)
SSBA-Salon - Waarom je naar Maastricht moet om jonge kunstenaars te ontdekken (interview)
Generatie M - Hélène Webers & Mels Evers (interview)

A Distant Bird Singing, deSERVICEGARAGE, Amsterdam (6.4.2013-5.5.2013)
Tubelight - Wat niet gezegd wordt (exhibition review)

Giorgio Andreotta Calò & Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam (08.09.2012 - 21.10.2012)

Metropolis M - De ideale zondagmiddagervaring - Smart Project Space als camera obscura (exhibition review)
8WEEKLY - Kijken naar tijd (exhibition review)


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Image: 'There Will Be No Miracles Here' (detail), Nathan Coley